How To Decorate A Log Cabin

how to decorate a log cabin

    log cabin
  • A log cabin is a small house built from logs. It is a fairly simple type of log house. A distinction should be drawn between the traditional meanings of "log cabin" and "log house.

  • The Log Cabin at present-day 805 Hancock Street in Bellevue, Nebraska was built in the 1830s, and is commonly acknowledged as the oldest building in Nebraska.

  • a cabin built with logs

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how to decorate a log cabin - A Dreamer's

A Dreamer's Log Cabin

A Dreamer's Log Cabin

This book describes the author’s experiences moving to northern Minnesota and building a log cabin. It’s the story of a young woman’s adventure as she fulfills a dream and meets challenges, hardships, and friends along the way. A Dreamer’s Log Cabin was first published in 1981 by Dembner Books, NY.
This 30th Anniversary edition includes a new forward by Laurie Shepherd and a few minor changes to the original manuscript.

This book describes the author’s experiences moving to northern Minnesota and building a log cabin. It’s the story of a young woman’s adventure as she fulfills a dream and meets challenges, hardships, and friends along the way. A Dreamer’s Log Cabin was first published in 1981 by Dembner Books, NY.
This 30th Anniversary edition includes a new forward by Laurie Shepherd and a few minor changes to the original manuscript.

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4.18.2008 (10:00pm)

4.18.2008 (10:00pm)

The sky was blood red at 5:30 this morning as I drove up the one-lane winding road that leads away from the lake. The movie quote "a red sun rises: blood as been spilled this night" kept going around and around in my head as I began the 65 mile drive into the city, which was odd because I should have had more important things on my mind; I was on the way to pick up John Carnett from Nashville International and it was gearing up to be one hell of a long weekend. The plan? Two solid days to capture every professional picture we would need to get this album ready and we were incredibly lucky to have an incredible photographer on hand to do it. Carnett is fascinating, to say the least. As a world-renowned photographer, he has met amazing people, been to amazing places, and produced amazing work. Yet, as is if the plethora of experience wasn’t enough, his naturally inquisitive and inventive nature drives him to continue to push above and beyond where most people would sit back and bask in their own glory. To start with, he is a full time staff photographer with Time-Life publications (most notable for me would be Popular Science) but a self-made expertise in various areas of science and engineering allow him to co-edit the actual stories his pictures are being published for and lend a [brain] to make them more interesting and accurate. To continue, he has a whole series of fully-sponsored side-projects, where he gives his artistic side a break and gets to exercise his mechanical side. For example, his current project is taking a Polaris off-road vehicle and replacing the standard engine with an actual jet-turbine engine complete with a custom gear system that will allow the throttle to access the engine once it's running at 100% power so that this thing will jump from 0-60mph in 3 seconds and have about 5 times the torque of a turbo-diesel engine. But of course that's not enough, so he got the company that makes the heads-up displays and navigation systems for the new F-22 fighter jets to donate a full cockpit outfit to replace the standard controls, so he and a navigator can set the world record for crossing Canada this summer. This may sound crazy to some, but it just makes me think back to when I used to buy toys just to take them apart and re-combine them to make something better and it gives me hope that there actually was truth in the Toys-R-Us theme song. I suppose the point is I was a little nervous (intimidated) getting him from the airport, but there was certainly no shortage of things to talk about on the way back. We talked all about what Circulus is doing, what we were after for Poobah, and a whole lot of technical jargon for my crash course in professional photography. Since we're also iPhone buddies, we discussed the next generation and whether or not Google's Andriod platform would take over (considering he just photographed the man in charge of the whole Android project and got to see the top-secret handset). As soon as we got back to the lake house, everyone was geared up to go and it was time to start making pictures. Stop #1 would be Hurricane Marina where would attempt to get the first shot of Poobah in a little John boat with his guitar and a fishing pole. Now I certainly do my best to describe my experiences here with image-evoking words, but there will simply be no substitute for these pictures, so I will post them when I get my hands on them. Of course, it being my first time on a real photo-shoot with a real pro (especially considering my interest in the art) I was having a blast from the past. We set up all different kinds of lights and strobes and diffusers and counter weights and power packs and remote sync transmitters etc etc etc and I paid very close attention to what they did and how minute changes affected the final product. Lighting may possibly be the most easily over-looked aspect of photography but it absolutely makes all the difference (okay, his top of the line 22 megapixel Canon DSLR didnt hurt either). We were finished in a surprisingly short hour and moved on to stop #2: the cave. One of my favorite aspects of Tennessee is that there arent people absolutely everywhere, which means words like "uncharted" and "undiscovered" still hold some weight. In that regard, Poobah took us to a cave nested back in the mountains which is not currently on any database of caves and therefore technically uncharted (which was great considering I just watched the movie "Descent"). Since Carnett had just come off a shoot at a mine where they pulled off some great creative under-ground lighting, we figured we should try something similar. Unfortunately, the mouth of the cave is completely flooded with cold mountain water (and actually spills out into this phenomenally clear spring) so Poobah couldnt stand inside it like we thought, but we did get pictures of him at this seemingly ancient irrigation channel at the side of the c

north carolina trip 05

north carolina trip 05

Robert's cabin - great woodwork and everything but some of the decor seemed like it came out of textbook of "how to decorate a log cabin". We stayed overnight - he was a great host and a nice guy.

how to decorate a log cabin

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For my 14 month old twin girls. These are made using pattern # 8 in 04/2009. The fabric is an outdoor nylon fabric which is quilted.The embroidery was on it already. I lined them with micro fleece. Both fabrics are from They're size 92 for the winter. I left out the snaps inside the legs and the pockets.The straps are not quite finished yet but I'm hoping to make them adjustable.

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outdoor helvoirt 2008 0035

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