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70's Theme Party Decorations

70's theme party decorations

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  • File:1970s decade montage.png|From left, clockwise: US President Richard Nixon doing the V for Victory sign after his resignation from office after the Watergate scandal in 1974; Refugees aboard a US naval boat after the Fall of Saigon, leading to the end of the Vietnam War in 1975; Alan Shepard

Praying to get out of this flowery hell...

Praying to get out of this flowery hell...

At a party in an old mansion, the theme (and decoration) was "the 70's".
So we got this interesting contrast between one of the old frames, and the flowers...

70's Party Chris & Aub

70's Party Chris & Aub

70's Party at Joe Roy's house in April of 1999.

Aubrey and Chris Bracken are wishing they were born in the 70's.

70's theme party decorations

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