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Decorating Ideas Colors

decorating ideas colors

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decorating ideas colors - 1001 Ideas

1001 Ideas for Color & Paint

1001 Ideas for Color & Paint

For a fresh collection of stylish color schemes, look no further than 1001 Ideas for Color & Paint. Featured ideas range from contemporary treatments to traditional looks, in everything from bold colors to pretty pastels. Readers will also find professional advice for choosing paint and color, descriptions of numerous popular paint techniques, and variations on color themes on a room-by-room basis presented in sketchbook-style illustrations. Over 1,000 color palettes, photographs, and illustrations provide inspiration and tips for success. With 1001 Ideas for Color & Paint readers can give every room in their home a brand new look.

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Decorating ideas ~ 2 with DIY candle coasters.

Decorating ideas ~ 2 with DIY candle coasters.

I got so many requests ( from my viewers ) for simple decorating projects and tips for the upcoming festive season.
I made these coasters out of 4 inch wooden circles . Get small wooden ( 4 inch ) cut outs / circles or cardboard . Paint them in a base color and do small rangoli designs on top of it. Let it dry and give them a Matte finish varnish.

I'll be uploading more pictures with project ideas and tips for the next couple of weeks.

Table decorating ideas

Table decorating ideas

KP: A pretty table decorating idea, but it would need more color.

decorating ideas colors

decorating ideas colors

Color Idea Book (Taunton Home Idea Books)

Seeing red? Feeling blue? Or even a bit green? No worries! This beautifully designed, fully illustrated book makes it easy for anyone to express themselves though color. Strangis -- an award-winning interior designer with over 20 years of experience -- goes beyond simple paint schemes to show how the combined colors of walls, trim, furniture, fabrics, and accessories can give every room a unique personality. From bright and bold to cozy and comfortable, this indispensable guide offers a rainbow of fresh and fun ideas for every budget. Color Idea Book is the most complete source of ideas and inspiration for adding color to any room in the house.

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